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In 3 steps, you can sell your digital products.

Enable an integration in order to use when creating your digital product, each integration makes it easier to get your content from different sources.

Sell your digital products easily.

Focus on your product, let us handle the business side of it.


Enable integrations like GitHub, Link or File and more coming soon.

Think of it like Siri shortcuts but smarter, you would be able to add someone to your Twitter Circle if they have paid or subscribed to your membership which also gives them access to your Notion templates or GitHub repositories.

Do more with sales

Keep track of everything related to each product you launched within GitPaid.

We will provide you more tools to optimize convertion and fully customize the product sale page in order to get more sales.


Customize your pricing either one-time or recurring and more.

This also includes all the different pricing models Stripe supports, from graduated tiers to recurring quarterly payments.

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    • GitPaid is exactly what I was looking for to monetize my Next.js template

      Mohamed Ouyizme
      Technical & Pedagogical Staff at 1337
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    • Might be your next testimonial.

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    • Wanting to charge money for my premium boilerplates and templates, I reached to Luca my friend and we immediately started building GitPaid.

      Ismail Ghallou
      Senior Frontend engineer at Diagonal
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      Trisha Lim
      Frontend Engineer & Designer
    • I don’t think you’ll regret it one bit. GitPaid is really cool platform to monetize my templates and some private projects.

      Yasser Tahiri
      Software Engineer

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